Hello designers!

Hello digital designers,

Welcome to our Future View blog. You will contribute this blog every two-week. The first week in your blog, you will critique a website design; the second week you will write a comment to a student’s blog from our class, you can choose anyone from the other student’s blog.

We have 16-weeks this semester, but you only need to write 12-weeks blog and comment, from week 1 to week 12. Each blog+comment is 25 points. That means you should earn 25 points per two-week, after 12-week, you should earn 150 points.

I have a big expectation for everyone in this class, because from my previous teaching experience, most students gave me a high evaluation of this class. And most of them said this is the most useful class for them to look for an internship or even a job as a student just graduate from school without any experience. I have a student just used the assignment from this class find an internship in New York this May; another student also used the final project to apply her graduate school, and she got the offer from Northwestern University and Stanford University plus $10,000 scholarship. So what you want to gain from this class? Think about it and put your action to reach your goal. 

In this class, I need you to have two heads: one for design, another one for coding. You might think it is not easy to do the two things at the same time, but trust me, you will handle it well. The only thing you need to do is only two words: Follow me. Be carefully to learn the coding example in class, finish your assignment on time and finish this blog on time.

This blog will give you a lot of digital design research experience. You will learn a lot digital design approaches from some great samples you will find.   

OK, let’s start! 



I servered as the judge for SND34 Best of Digital Design contest at Ball State University at February 2013.

I servered as the judge for SND34 Best of Digital Design contest at Ball State University February 2013.

See more details about SND digital design contest here.




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