Blog One

By Andrea Jankelow

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As someone with a strong interest in Design, I love movies that emphasize design. That’s why the Life of Pi journey site caught my eye. It was an incredibly orchestrated scroll-through interactive site, that made you a part of the journey.

In some ways, the site is ingenious. For example, to demonstrate the journey of the movie, they made the website flow in a similar journey. At the beginning, before you see the picture of waves, you see an illustration of the same waves, and as you scroll, they develop and become the waves. This is a seamless way to get the user to feel the process of creation. Moreover, rather than clutter the images with text, when they felt the need to add written information, a side bar came up, to keep the design feeling smooth and easily processed.  One particular feature I loved was the use of before and after photos, lapped over each other for the user to see a stark contrast in an efficient and powerful matter. One more feature, that I have never seen before, was the use of vertical and horizontal scrolling. It kept my attention and added a nice visual component to keep the scrolling from getting monotonous.

However, while the site is incredibly built, there are a few critiques I have as well. Often times, the scrolling took a long time before the image would change and as a user, this is frustrating and makes you almost want to opt for a more traditional site where you can click on what you’re interested in, rather than tediously viewing everything. Moreover, a back to the top button would be nice for users that want to re-look at something, rather than scroll all the way through and back. Another detail they left out was the use of sound. They often used video clips and sound could have greatly enhanced the user experience by adding another sense to the experience. Overall, the site was a beautifully thought out user experience, but it definitely had a few areas for improvement


One thought on “Blog One

  1. wuying2013 says:

    You are the first student finish the blog! It is nice! Could you put your name as a byline at the beginning of your article. And could you make a screen shot of the site. It is better you can do a Journalism site. Sorry for sending the instruction out a little bit late.


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