Instructions for your first blog

Beginning this week, you’ll each post a critique of a multimedia project or site. Sometimes I’l l give you a prompt, and sometimes you’ll be on your own.

Good critiques go beyond “I like this” or “this doesn’t work” and goes into specifics, reasons, research and educated observations. My goal is for the sophistication of our critiques and comments to increase along with our knowledge and experience. You’ll learn to think critically about interface decisions, overall web design and usability. You’ll learn how techniques from sound to motion design can enhance a project and when they can detract.

Each critique should include a link to the site you’re critiquing (or more than one, if you want to reference different parts), along with a screenshot for easy reference. They don’t have to be long, but they do have to say something substantive. Please file your critiques in the proper category for each blog post (Category One is for the first assignment, etc.)

For your first blog assignment

For your first blog assignment, critique a journalism site (or section of a site) that’s telling a single story.

For example: The New York Times’ series The Debt Trap would be a single story site section you could critique. The New York Times entire site would not.

The project you chose should contain multiple kinds of media (some combination of text, audio, photo, video, graphics, etc.) and cover a single topic. Remember, the class blog is public, so always critique as if the multimedia designer were reading it — be professional in your criticism and praise. Also, please do not blog about a site we’ve looked at in class.

Some things to consider in your critique:

– what’s the user experience like? (is it easy to navigate? confusing? engaging? disorienting?)

– how are they combining different kinds of media to tell a story?

– how can you tell what the topic of the site is?

– how do the design elements on the site reflect the content?

 Each round of blogging should be sorted within a category already created in WordPress. Put this in Category One.

 Include a screenshot of the site you’re critiquing, as well as a link to the original site.


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