Ebola Outbreak by New York Times

This article is from the New York Times on the Ebola outbreak in Africa. The site has covered many stories on this subject, so it’s nice that they have links within the article that can provide more information and access to other articles without having to search for them.  The navigation is simple. The article is long form and they have included a lot of other multimedia elements to tell the story. There are a few advertisements listed only the side as you scroll down, so it’s obvious the site is very commercial.

One of the main things that drew me to this piece was the use of other elements to tell this story besides a text piece. There is a slide show at the beginning of the article as well as multiple infographics and maps. One thing that is also nice is the videos and audio components embedded with the article because it gives the users multiple ways to experience the story in one place.

It also includes other links and articles to different areas in Africa so you can read about the news in country by region. I really enjoyed being able to move from news on Liberia to Sierra Leone without having to go back and look it up.

The page also makes it easy to know what others are saying about the topic and join the conversation.  The have comment sections listed to each section of the article. Overall I think the layout was done really well. Even though there were a lot of different elements on the page,it didn’t slow down the site or make it difficult to navigate. Also like I said, it’s very important on the Ebola outbreak and if someone wasn’t aware of the situation, it would be very helpful.



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