Invisible Child: Dasani’s Homeless Life

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Invisible Child: Dasani’s Homeless Life was a project done by Andrea Elliott and Ruth Fremson in The New York Times. There have never been as many homeless youth in New York as now since the Great Depression. This follows one girl through the life of being a homeless child in New York.

I think this was extremely easy to navigate and follow along. The pictures were incredible and broke up a long text story very nicely. There were also a couple of stories, which I liked. This allowed the reader to have a greater understanding of everything going on. With only one or two stories the audience might not have all the information. Also, if they had put all the information into one story it could be distracting and confusing.

But there were things I thought could be improved. The captions were displayed differently throughout the page and I felt like that was slightly confusing. I like a more uniform look and this was distracting. Also, I thought there were a few things that could’ve been added. There was no multi-media other than pictures. A video could’ve added a more visually appealing aspect and broken up a long series of pictures. Also, there were a lot of facts and an info graphic explaining some of these would’ve been a nice way to convey these numbers to readers.

Overall, this was a nice piece and explained a series problem in New York. But I think with a few extra additions it could’ve been a wonderful multi-media series.

See the story here:


One thought on “Invisible Child: Dasani’s Homeless Life

  1. I was absolutely fascinated by this article. Thank you for sharing. I read all five parts. The pictures were gut-wrenching. My favorite photograph was in Part 1 when Dasani watch Sahai dance.

    I agree with you that a video could have made the story stronger. Even an audio to hear Dasani’s voice would have been nice.

    I also agree with you that the captions were a tad off. They could have made a much more uniformed appearance for this piece. The author relied solely on the strong text and the vivid pictures, while impressive, the reader’s experience could have been even further enhanced with more multi-media.

    Overall, I enjoyed the article and read all five parts. Thank you again for sharing!


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