The Other 9/11 by SBS



In many parts of the world, 9/11 is synonymous with the collapse of the Twin Towers. In other parts, the day holds no special historical significance. In Chile, it was the day democracy died. The story, put together by the SBS team (Australia), combines audio, video, text and images in such a way that each element complements the other. 

Starting with a dark image background with the gist of the story juxtaposed, you scroll down to begin the narrative. Starting with the suicide of then-president Salvador Allende, the first chapter tells the story of CIA’s involvement in what followed after. In addition to a gallery of images containing declassified CIA documents, the first chapter also includes a speech by President Allende that he gave the day of the coup in 1973. The placement of the video and gallery, in my opinion, is what helps the flow of the story. It breaks it up so that there is not a huge chunk of text for the reader to consume. The video creates a natural transition point within the first chapter. 

The second chapter follows a similar format in elemental placement. Text, gallery of images and video: all placed in a sequence that provides flow while simultaneously breaking the monotony of a (relatively) long page of text. 

The third and fourth chapters are individual accounts of Chileans who lived in Australia (at the time of the story being published). The text is accompanied by a couple of images that give the text pieces a little extra personality. 

Overall, the story did not utilize multimedia as much as it could have. I liked this piece because it neatly balanced the few visuals it had with its sizable amount of text, breaking it up in such a way that it did not feel like a long-read. However, instead of telling the individual stories primarily through text, I think the authors should have used audio slideshows. 


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