The Serengeti Lion

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National Geographic created this project to bring awareness to lions’ decline in population. Lions have disappeared from 80 percent of their African range. All of the footage was shot over about two years. The website is easy to use, unless you have a bad connection to internet. 

The site uses videos of the lions, commentaries by the photographers, some text, and still images to tell the story. You use your cursor or arrow buttons to navigate through the site. The design is simple, but set up so you feel like you’re standing right in front of the lions. The site is easy to use for almost anyone. 

I love this way of using multiple platforms to tell a story. It makes it much more stimulating then just reading a bunch of text. 

Here’s a link:


One thought on “The Serengeti Lion

  1. I really enjoyed this site. Thank you for sharing it!

    I would have to agree that the website is very easy to use. The navigation is easy enough for a child to browse, and the simple design does showcase the content. It definitely does make you feel like you’re there with the lion and the man who is tracking them.

    I also agree that the multiple platforms used on the site make it that much more stimulating. They did a wonderful job on choosing which mediums to use. In the first video clips, the little bit of movement combined with the audio is such a good way of telling this story. I believe that adding the information in the caption instead of using a voiceover in these clips allows the viewer to focus more on the content, to really allow the user to put themselves in that place before they absorb the information.

    However, while I agree with pretty much everything you said, I think they could have fixed a few things with the navigation. On the last of the slides (“Tracking the Lions”), I can’t read the whole caption. When I scroll, there’s some kind of glitch where text overlaps and it’s unreadable. And while I liked being able to put myself in the place before I read the caption, it actually might have made more sense to do it in reverse. Maybe instead of auto-playing the video clips, the caption could pop up first and then have the video play. Or, if they like having the caption optional better, then I would’ve allowed the user to pause or stop the video. Having it play while trying to read the caption is pretty distracting.


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