Blog 2 – Newsy

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 10.17.19 PM

This week, we were asked to examine a news site and look at the usability/user experience. I chose to go with, an online aggregate news source, based right out of Columbia, MO. I really like how Newsy’s page is set up. Their menu bar is very clear and it pops out of the page, without distracting the eye too much. That navigation bar stays consistent on every page, but lets the user know where they are by changing that section to a dark blue when they are on a page. They make it easy to return home, by clicking the bright blue “newsy” button.

Furthermore, they do a very good job of breaking the pages up. If you take a look at the homepage, they have the 3 tops stories, then a “trending now” section and then a “latest” section. They even have a social media section off to the right side. Everything is clearly labeled, making the navigation experience that much more seamless. They even make searching easy with a search box, above the fold, that turns orange when clicked on. This search box remains in the same spot on every page, which appeals to a user’s need for habit.

What I really love about the Newsy site, however, is how clean and noiseless it appears. A lot of news sites tend to almost have a visual overload, with a different story at every open space on the screen. Newsy has it set up, so the stories are in a nice 3 by 3 boxed pattern, that doesn’t overwhelm a user.

Overall, I actually think stuck very well to Krug’s criteria, and I don’t think there is much, if anything they need to change about their site. I think it is very well organized, and appealing to a user.


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