Blog 2: Critiquing BuzzFeed!

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 12.08.48 AM

In my opinion, the BuzzFeed website follows Krugs’ criteria. Clear visual hierarchy. Check. Breaking page into defined areas. Check. Make clickable obvious. Check. Minimize noise. Check, check, check. Unlike Facebook, BuzzFeed does not auto start its videos, which gets it major brownie points in my books. But where the website loses out on is the how you have to scroll and scroll and scroll to get anywhere. The main page should follow the style of the category pages – go back in link-history page by page. It makes things more organized and the viewer is not stuck scrolling forever.

I really appreciate BuzzFeed’s categorical divide. From ‘LOL’ to ‘win’ to the white arrow of trending, the web designer made sure viewers got to where they wanted to quickly (unless the link they’re looking for is days old).

I also like how the little stickers on the top left corner of some stories takes you to more content of the same kind. It feels as if BuzzFeed just wants to help you continue procrastinating. Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 12.19.14 AM


Having said that though, I think BuzzFeed should start organize its main feed better. For example, the stories that are dropped in between by promoters should get their own column (or page). I also think #TBT should be a tag of its own. After, there is one posted under that topic so often, you’d think they would have run out of features. However, this is just nit-picking.

I really think, overall, BuzzFeed has a site that makes losing track of time seem like no big deal.



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