DuMontier Review of The Daily Beast

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 10.50.44 AM

The Daily Beast has a three column layout on their homepage. The middle column is the cheat sheet. It lists the top ten stories you should look at. I really like the cheat sheet, but I wish it was the far right column instead of the middle column. In fact I wish the site was just two columns. The far right column is full of links to articles, and info about columnists. This could fit better in the left hand column.

I have some problems with the navigation too. The navigation at the top of the homepage is organized by news category. i.e. politics, entertainment, world news, etc. If you click a link on the homepage, it scrolls down the page to that category of news. That’s fine. It’s like a one-page layout. But if you click a news article within that category, then it takes you to a new page with just the article on it. That’s fine too. The problem is when you click a different news category from the navigation on the article page. Then it takes you to another page devoted only to that category. So if you click politics on the homepage, it scrolls down to a politics section within the homepage, but if you click on politics from an article, it takes you to a different politics page. I wish the navigation always linked to the same place. The hierarchy is a little confusing. I find myself getting lost and returning to the homepage.

I think the rest of Krug’s criteria are met. It’s clear what can be clicked. There’s not too much noise. The pages are broken up clearly. The conventions are fine. I just think the one-page homepage layout makes the hierarchy a little confusing.


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