Blog post 3: Missouri School of Journalism

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 2.12.32 PMI’ve always liked the design of the MU School of Journalism site. The homepage is very clean and easy to navigate. So, I decided to dig into the CSS a bit. I was a bit surprised that I actually understood some of it. (Keep in mind this is after I checked out and its mess of CSS). It seems very straight forward, which I usually think is the way to go when it comes to design.

First thing I did was remove the CSS with the Mozilla web developer toolbar. The site is essentially just five lists. It’s a lot of links, but through the CSS it condenses it to a simple package. I like the subtle use of color. When you scroll over the links or many of the boxes, they’re altered in some sense. Boxes go from light gray to dark gray, navigation goes from black to white. It’s all based around the Mizzou colors of black, gold and white. The background color is also nicely done. Banners on the sides fade from gray to black. The fade is a technique that you really don’t notice at first but really makes for a nice touch. That’s something I’d like to do. I think it’s those small touches are part of what takes a site from amateur to professional looking.

If I had a complaint about the design, it’s that the photos at the bottom are a bit too small. I wonder if banners on the site could be narrowed to allow for more room for the rest of the content.

For the heck of it, I ran it through validation, and it did have a few errors, mostly dealing with javascript that I couldn’t understand. It did have a few errors relating to the <hgroup> function, which I’m not entirely sure about, but looks like its in relation to the navigation. Wondering if the site would look all that much different if the errors were fixed.


One thought on “Blog post 3: Missouri School of Journalism

  1. marykatemetivier says:

    I really liked that you picked this site for your CSS critique. It is simply laid out, but when looking at the coding as you did, there’s more to it than you would think. It’s important to try removing the CSS like you did with the Mozilla toolbar because it really shows all of the information that is on the site and how much is actually styled. I also ran my site through validation and it’s so interesting to see what isn’t validated. My example was similar to yours as in I didn’t really understand why it didn’t pass through, but it makes me wonder if all sites have some mistakes. I agree that I think if I could take one thing from this site to learn it would be the fade for sure.


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