Blog 3: CSS Technique

by: Mary Kate Metivier

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 11.26.48 PM

On the Convergence Journalism website, I immediately imagined the CSS used to make it look the way it does. To me, there are some very simple elements I think I could handle such as the nav bar at the top. However, there are parts of it I would like to learn. Overall, the website is very clean CSS and HTML, making its super easy to navigate and not too overwhelming. The colors are easy, and like I was talking about, the nav bar and most other links simply change background or text colors to click.

I used the CSS toolbar to explore via Mozilla Firefox. It’s so interesting when you disable the CSS to see that a lot of websites really are pretty simple HTML, and it’s truly the CSS that styles them. In the Convergence website there is div after div after div. One thing I didn’t recognize is the cufon command, which when I looked it up had to do with font. Something I really don’t understand is how to style the moving photo gallery. I see the CSS for the photos in the gallery used about 15 different styles for the border, four for the margin and padding and then the font size, but I was having a hard time seeing how it switches like that.

CSS is very overwhelming, especially when you click just view all CSS. Just for the homepage it scrolls and scrolls down, just to specify things like font-style:normal, and font-transform:none. Overall I think the Convergence website provides a clean style with very easy to use features.


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