Blog 3: Pack’s CSS

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 12.50.45 PM

Earlier this week the Missourian did a story about the new social media website, Pack. I did some research on this website and really enjoyed looking at all the dogs.

The first thing I did was disable the css to get a better understanding of exactly how it contributes to the website. Without it, the website is a mess. There’s a list of all the dog breeds they have on the site, which includes just about everything you could think of. Plus it includes pictures, names and links. Without the css this is just one giant list. When you put the css back on, however, the website is clean and entertaining.

When I dug further into the css, I became more confused. They talk a lot about groups and we haven’t talked about this yet. Is this because much of the website is the same, while only some things change as you click on them? In other words, are things that stay the same grouped in some way, or does this mean something else?

If anyone has an idea, I would like to learn more about this.


One thought on “Blog 3: Pack’s CSS

  1. So glad you shared this website, because I’m obsessed with my dog and am a huge dog lover. I definitely saw how without the CSS this website would be a mess. It’s the CSS that makes the website as appealing as it is.

    The design is beautiful, simple and clean. My favorite part is the slideshow design of when you switch dogs. It’s so easy to search for dogs by location and breed, which wouldn’t be the case without the CSS.

    I also saw where the groups you mentioned. And I unfortunately had the same questions as you about how they work.


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