Blog Three: Columbia Daily Tribune navigation CSS

By Hellen Tian

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.41.01 AM

I’m going to look at is Columbia Daily Tribune’s website this week. I like that the website have a drop down list when you hover over the beats. How they did it is they built a sub ul under each beat, and then put divs on those sub uls. Then they style it in CSS file.

It took me a while to find the CSS of the drop-down menu: that’s mainly because it took me a while to see that they made the effect by constructing ul under ul…

The first thing I did was I found its CSS and I disabled text-transform: uppercase. Then the beats on the homepage really becomes lower case… But that was in the CSS of the main navigation bar. Then I found the CSS of the sublist, and I disabled the font in the sublist, and then the font becomes Times New Roman. Because they have so many beats, the website have layers and layers of divs, and therefore there are so much overrode lines in the sublist CSS file!

I think this is a very practical trick that we would use, and it seems like it’s not terribly hard to make as long as you don’t lost track of your divs.


One thought on “Blog Three: Columbia Daily Tribune navigation CSS

  1. Thanks, Hellen. I like that you picked a news site. The Tribute always struck me a pretty simple — maybe too simple. But, you’re right, it does get a bit more complex once you look at it. There’s a lot more planning and thought than you might realize. I do like the drop-down menu and how it highlights particular news stories as well as subsections.


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