CSS Techniques- Paul Currah Portfolio

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 7.10.52 PM


To find a useful website for this assignment, I just googled “best online portfolio” and came across this list of online portfolios with awesome designs. After going through them, Paul Currah’s proved to be one of my favorites. His design is simplistic- but it’s so cool. I love the bright colors and the way he styled it to look like papers. It’s also extremely interactive, which is another reason why I love it. As a multimedia and photo journalist, I believe figuring out how to make a website similar this could really be a cool way to display my work in the future.

CSS-wise, he used a lot of the techniques we learned in class. He obviously used the shadow boxes for almost everything on the page. He also has everything divided into sections- with comments in  the coding- to make it very clear how each part of the website was styled.

What I really wanted to learn- and what you can’t see by the still screenshot- is how the images on the home screen are actually individual slideshows. The coding was actually pretty simple for that- it’s just wrappers with divs as slideshows. He also used hover styling make descriptions of the projects pop up in text when you hover on a slideshow.

There’s so much coding that I’m just going to stop here or this blog is going to be way too long. But if you’re looking for an online portfolio, I would definitely check this one out.



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