Blog 4

Andrea Jankelow

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 7.48.25 PM

This week we were asked to look at a news or information site and critique it. I chose to look at Yahoo, as it is a site I often visit. For the purpose of this blog, I wanted to focus on their articles written about Ebola, since that is such a trending issue right now. As you can see in the image above, an Ebola story was featured at the top of the page. However, to get all the Ebola stories, I just used the search bar. This was an easy part of the user experience because I didn’t need to search for tags or click mindlessly through stories until I found ones that matched what I wanted. Moreover, they enhance the user experience by letting you filter the source of the news. Because Yahoo is also a search engine, Ebola stories came up from a bunch of aggregate sources. By just checking the YahooNews Box, I was able to filter just to yahoo stories. While it is easy and virtually painless, yahoo could have designed the page a little better. It is essentially a lot of block text on a white background and not very engaging. Yahoo combines many forms of media to tell the story visually, through photos, verbally through videos, and in words. This allows people to consume their media in a way that matches their preferred method. This also expands their audience. Because Yahoo is so large, it doesn’t appear to have a direct target audience. Rather, it seems to have something for everybody. I really appreciate that yahoo has added a recommended for you section at the end of each article. Because I was searching Ebola, it instantly linked me to other Ebola stories that I might find interesting. This helped connect their coverage from one story to a series of stories.


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