Blog 4

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I was on the Kansas City Star’s website and I noticed another sexual abuse case involving religion. I decided to look into how this continuos coverage is covered on their website. It’s easy to find individual stories by using their search bar. But they don’t come up in any particular order in relation to when it was published. The most recent story, also doesn’t come up during the search. It is nice, however, that they specify if the story is local or national. Sometimes pictures are used to help tell this story but this isn’t a story where a lot of different types of media would be extremely helpful or realistic. Their audience is the everyday Kansas City citizen, which means they are working to inform the public of these ongoing trials and issues. But it is not necessarily told in an ongoing story or package. I think this could be better grouped together with a tag so that people could see the bigger picture. Otherwise, people just a lot of individual stories and have to piece together the larger picture themselves.


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