Blog 4: Life and Death with Dogs

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 5.35.05 PMI came across Vox’s Life & Death with Dogs package early on in the summer. I was serving as digital editor at Vox, and this was one of the first packages I posted. I have to say, it was much more advanced than any of the designs I came up with over the summer.

I took a second look at this site when I was trying to come up with my T/F site design. I like the simplicity of the site. It’s easy to navigate. It’s straight forward. The short intro clarifies what the stories will be about. Right off the bat, you know what publication did the stories, what they will be about, and how to navigate the site. I like how they use the video loop as the centerpiece of the site. It further gets across the purpose of the site by showing a man interacting with his dog. It’s a nice way to set the mood.

By scrolling down, you get links to the content, which is eight videos about dogs during their final days. I like how the white text stands out against the photos. It’s a nice way to merge text and image to condense space.

Each page is designed the same, so you get the uniformity that helps you navigate. The focus is on the videos, but each video has a short text intro to set it up. The intros are concise, so it doesn’t take anything away from the videos. It also shows that all of the videos are on the same plane — none are considered more or less important than any of the others.

Typically, pet stories play well in newspapers and magazines. This is a little different because it is dealing with death. But I think the subdued design sets up the viewer for the content.



One thought on “Blog 4: Life and Death with Dogs

  1. marykatemetivier says:

    I have to agree that my favorite part about this site is the simplicity. It has everything it needs to be a good site without being too overwhelming. I like how easy it is to navigate, such as the straightforward watch buttons to get to the videos. I think I would have liked to see maybe a bit more text, perhaps on the home page. Otherwise, it really is a well put together site with a simple design, and excellent multimedia. The container is simple, and the header is perfect.


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