Blog 4: “The Jockey” Critique

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For this assignment, I chose to critique the New York Time’s multimedia package “The Jockey.” The package is the recent winner of the Best Use of Multimedia in the National Press Photographers Association’s Best Of Photojournalism 2014 Multimedia contest. The package honestly is so cool. It combines so many different forms of multimedia: text, photography, audio, video. It begins with text and a photograph, and as you scroll, a video pops up and auto plays. If you want to skip the video, you simply keep scrolling. It’s then more texts and photos and then another video and so on.

The site is so simple to navigate. You seriously just have to scroll and then click to go to the next chapter. Dividing it into chapters like this let’s you know it’s an ongoing package, not just a single story. It also helps with the package’s clean design: it breaks it up so it doesn’t overwhelm the user. The site is really clean, with a white background and black text, and then pops of color accents and the images also add some color.

The intended audience is the New York Times readers, particularly those who want to know about the life of a jockey. This encourages them to not lack in the details, and provide plenty of context and information throughout the story.

Like I said, I really like this package, but if I had to critique anything, it would be the navigation bar. It’s set in the header, very tiny, and I honestly didn’t even notice it at first. At the end of every chapter is a next button, but not a back button. They should’ve just added a back button. Other than that, I really didn’t have any problems with the site. It’s not the least bit confusing, is super clean and simple, and everything seemed to work the way it should.


One thought on “Blog 4: “The Jockey” Critique

  1. I completely agree you, this interactive webpage is amazing. I really like that all the components-text, video, pictures, flow together to complete the story. The automatic start to videos also helps keep the flow of the story so it’s one continuous piece (the infinite scroll adds to the effect as well). I liked that the navigation bar disappeared as you scrolled down the story, I felt more immersed in the piece and I wasn’t distracted by other advertisements or articles. I also liked that the navigation allowed you to jump to different sections of the story and you could also easily skip over the videos.

    I agree the story isn’t short on details and the videos are put together very well. Easy navigation, simple design. Great choice.


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