Blog 4: WIRED magazine

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 10.55.19 AMThe site I’m critiquing this week is WIRED magazine’s website. The homepage layout of the website is very clean and clear, there’s no confusion about which section is which and what content is belong to what story. There are many good looking and relevant pictures that comes next to the articles. In addition to all that, I also find that the website has some gifs instead of still photographs on it. I like that because it can grab the readers’ attention, but I think journalists and designers should be cautious when it comes to using gifs because overusing can create visual chaos (imagine when you open a webpage and everything is moving…). I think the intended audience for the magazine is young upper middle class people, who are enthusiastic about science, Internet and technology.

While wandering around on the WIRED website, this story package caught my eyes. It combined still photographs, texts and gifs (which is a relatively new way for journalists to tell stories) to tell a story about beautiful yet deadly sea creatures. The story used photos and gifs to show how beautiful those creatures are and used text to explain how deadly they are. The story is not really ongoing, but it is an episode of a bigger series. At the end of the article, the journalist said, “Browse the full Absurd Creature of the Week archive here.” Which linked the article to the whole series.


One thought on “Blog 4: WIRED magazine

  1. I agree that the package and site as a whole has a pretty simple, clean design. The package’s layout is pretty simple: with a slideshow at the top, and text with images and gifs dispersed throughout to keep it from being too text heavy. I think the gifs really do add something, but it might’ve been cool if they would’ve added a video or two as well. That way you get more than a short burst of how the creature moves.

    I also think it would’ve been beneficial to link the weekly posts in some way other than the list you get with the “click here” link. Either a scrollbar with all the stories as a sidebar, or buttons at the bottom that let you get to the previous/next one; just something that connects them.

    Thanks for sharing!


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