DuMontier – Blog 4

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I chose to review the New York Times coverage of the Ebola virus.

Here’s the link:

Their coverage has a lot of multimedia. The image at the top of the story isn’t just a photo. It’s a link to a slideshow of ten photos. I like that because it lets you know there’s a slideshow without forcing you to look at it. It just gives you the option to click.

Also at the bottom, there’s a horizontal scrollbar full of image links to other ebola stories. So if you want to keep reading, they make it easy. An even easier way is to just click the arrow on the right side of the page. That will take you to the next ebola story.

Every story has great multimedia elements. There are videos and maps, and graphics. I think The New York Times does a great job connecting similar stories.


One thought on “DuMontier – Blog 4

  1. adamharris says:

    Yeah, I like the multitude of elements and tools used to tell these stories. Especially the maps and graphics. I also like the photo at the front of the story that allows you to view the slideshow on your own time, without it forcing you to look at it.

    Personally, I’m really sick of hearing about this ebola virus. But, I think it is important to keep up with it since there seem to be so many different stories coming out from all different news sources.

    I think the New York Times is a reliable enough source to pull information from and it is nice to see so many stories in one place.


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