Kolkata International Film Festival: The Website

Since our storyboard assignment was on a film festival, I decided to do a blog about a film festival as well. I chose the website of Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF) because aesthetically, the website is well-designed, but it is not as good a website as it could be.

KIFF Homepage

On the face of it, there seems to be nothing the website does not have. On the left-hand side of every page, there is also a box of icons that connect to different social media websites and it shows only when you hover over it. I think that is a neat idea because it keeps things clean and simple.

The KIFF website has one major element working against it: it does not have any videosYouTube button on the website itself except for the one on the home page. For the curious person with enough patience, they will realise that you click on the YouTube buttom on the top right of the page, it will take you to the festival’s channel where there are more videos.

Under the categories tab, if you click on any of the categories, nothing happens. To see wSidebarhich movies are featured under each category, you have to do it from the side bar, also on every page (except the Categories page, obviously).

As mentioned before, the website has a good design but it takes patience to navigate through the website because it is not easy to find what you are looking for. Also, the website does not feature any trailers on the website neither does it have information on any upcoming festivals.

It seems to me as if they only have a website as a log or a diary of the festival. It does not function as a website for active festival-goers. One possible reason is that in newspaper readership in Kolkata (India) is high and many events prefer to advertise that way. It could also be because the organizers are not looking to cater to an audience that is very web-savvy, at least as far as information about the festival is concerned.


One thought on “Kolkata International Film Festival: The Website

  1. I think this website is clean and easy to navigate, and I really like that the social media tab only shows up when you hovers it. This hides unnecessary visual elements from the homepage, minimize the distraction, while at the same time keeping the website functional. I don’t like the fact that the website has almost no video on it, and you have to go to its YouTube channel to see the trailers. I mean although that make sense to me, it just make me not wanting to go to the website because I know not all the useful information are on it.


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