Sundance Film Festival Website Critique

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I chose to critique the Sundance Film Festival website since we’re currently working on making websites for the True False Film Festival. On the home page there’s a slideshow of pictures from stories and film releases involving Sundance. After seeing all of the examples of websites this week during class, I wasn’t really impressed with the design or even really the color palate. I thought since it’s a film festival they should include video trailers on the home page.

The usability of the site is pretty good. It’s easy to navigate through everything and everything’s logically placed. However, some of the links were extremely slow to open up, which could be my internet connection. There are several links to watch videos from Sundance along with interviews with the filmmakers which I think is a nice feature.

There’s a nice timeline about the festival over the years, but I really would like to see this site incorporate more video.

The audience is anyone looking to attend the festival or just interested in it. It’s very informative. One of the best parts is it can help someone who hasn’t been before plan their trip and buy tickets. I also liked that even though the festival only happens once a year, they’re constantly keeping it updated with recent news and announcements regarding the festival.


One thought on “Sundance Film Festival Website Critique

  1. Zhao Hong says:

    I analyzed the Berlin Film Festival website and found the same problem. They also use slide show on the homepage, which is less impressive since I expect more from a film festival website. I assume that videos such as trailers are for deeper information seekers. So they are put back on interior pages. From my perspective, pictures offer quicker information than videos. If a visitor only visit the homepage and then leave, at least they consume the pictures.


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