The Guardian Gaza Sections

For this week’s blog, I chose to look at UK’s The Guardian. They had several tabs on the homepage linking to sections on prominent topics. I chose to look at the ongoing coverage on Gaza.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 8.30.37 AM

I usually think that large sections on major news sites are never easy to navigate, and this one is no exception, though it is better than some. The eye jumps many places at once, because there are three columns of information. The third column is particularly confusing because it contains some news pertaining to Gaza, ads and then other news not pertaining Gaza. I don’t know whether or not to pay attention to it as I’m scrolling through.

On a positive note, the Guardian does an excellent job of using different pieces of media to tell the story. There are photos, videos and sound bites everywhere. The visuals do help break up the page quite a bit.

The final aspect I want to comment on is the story organization. There seems to be no clear hierarchy in the organization of the stories. I think this is a flaw, since the target audience is the general British public, who are not all necessarily experts in Middle Eastern affairs. It would be helpful to be directed to what the most important information about the situation is.


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