Blog 4: Berlin Film Festival

By Zhao, Hong

I choose to critique the website of Berlin Film Festival.

The header, the footer, the navigation bar at the top, and the search function at the top right of the webpage all together make it easy to navigate.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 10.39.46 AM Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 10.39.52 AM Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 10.40.02 AM

It uses many pictures. Almost every inner page has pictures followed by text. In the archive, there are photo galleries and videos of the festival. At the homepage, the first module is slide show, and then the second is comprised of small picture information boxes.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 12.32.19 PM

Their intended audiences include people who are interested in the film festival, who want to attend, film-makers, and media professionals. As shown in the navigation bar, “Professionals” is specifically for film-makers to submit their films, the fuel of the festival and “Press” for journalists, who create the buzz for the festival.

However, when I looked at the website, to be honest, I am a little disappointed. It’s simple and conveys clear information about the festival but for a leading film festival in the world I expected way more than that. It’s simple coded, without beautiful and luxurious variation or special effects. Being simple is not a problem at all, but for a film festival, it requires stronger visual expression and more artistic performance.

Compared with that, the Berlin Independent Film Festival website shows more transition and variation on its home page. The Berlin Independent Film Festival is not connected to the world famous Berlin Film Festival, but is a program of independent film-making. On its profile, it emphasizes its shortage of budge.

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 12.18.57 PM

A navigation function bar in the shape of an award badge in front of full-screen slide shows. The navigation can be hidden to see a full picture as well. It uses black color as background, which also makes me wonder why Berlin Film Festival chose to use pink, is it to show support of raising awareness for breast cancer?


2 thoughts on “Blog 4: Berlin Film Festival

  1. arw62d says:

    You make a good point about the Berlin Film Festival color scheme. Pink used in this way doesn’t really say cutting edge. For an organization that is nearly completely focused on the impact visuals can make, they didn’t put very much effort into creating a striking website. And of all the stunning visuals that could possibly relate to the Festival, they choose their main image to be one of the red carpet? I believe that they are missing out on an opportunity to create a beautiful site since they have such potentially beautiful content.


  2. I personally dont think the pink color used in THE BERLINALE is a huge issue. Plus they have to use this since it directly comes from the logo. The whole layout and color balance are indeed decent to me. Notice the subtle gradient to the pink background when it hits the bottom and all the menu or pops out menu all have shadow behind. There isn’t any huge issue to me, they just went for a rather old-school, more functional direction.

    On the contrary, Berlin Independent Film Festival chose to be visually appealing. And they used the most direct solution to drag people’s attention which is make the photo/picture prominent. The home page looks awesome, good choice of photos and nice java transition. But once you clicked to head down to other places, the background turns to be rather garish, a style that doesnt quite fit to the theme, personally.


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