The Dangers of Fracking


In general, I think sites that use scrolling as their main way of navigation are the most user-friendly. Readers don’t get distracted by trying to click through a bunch of links to access the information contained in a site. All they have to do is scroll down and it’s all sitting there for them. Navigation, and storytelling through scrolling, is a design technique I would like to incorporate into my sites.

The Dangers of Fracking is a website that tells a story through illustration. Fracking is a complicated topic, so the pictures that accompany the facts help the reader digest what they are reading. It also has beautiful visual interest and engages the user immediately. This website does a good job of informing people who don’t know much about the issue of fracking on the basics of the issue. However, the site does get a little long without incorporating other types of media. It’s all text, and I get honestly get a little board reading it. It would be helpful to add a video interactive infographic.

I also like the navigation for this webpage. The primary navigation is done by scrolling, but there are also small icons that appear in the corner, allowing you to return to previous facts. These have popout descriptions, so they aren’t distracting in the corner of you while you’re reading the text. However, the main point of the website is most likely the call to action encouraging citizens to contact their local government to speak out against fracking. This call to action is at the very end of the page, meaning only people who are committed to reading the site will see it. It would be better if it were placed higher on the page so everyone who accesses the website would see it as a solution for the problem.


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