Blog 5: 100 Ages

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.21.04 PMI came a semester after it was published, but I’ve always liked the idea behind the Missourian’s 100 Ages project. Basically, they interview Columbia residents ages 1 to 100. I can appreciate the site more now that I know a little about web design.

I like the clean lay out. I like the simple, white background. I really think a simple background allows the content to pop out. I love the concept that the navigation is essentially one in the same as the homepage. You travel through the site by clicking the photos. The two icons at the top help you further parse it. The package is video-driven, so I like that the design of the homepage is mostly based around photos. Text is limited, but used effectively to explain what’s happening. I also like the font used with the wording. I’m not sure what it is, but it fits well with the tone of the series.

I’m trying to do a similar effect on my site as the 100 Ages site does for each of the photos. When you mouse over a photo, it changes to reveal the age. I’m trying to do something similar on my homepage. For my site, I think it’d be cleaner way to present the links rather than having a photo with a caption below it. I’d also like to do something similar as they have with the navigation in the upper right. It’s a subtle way to bring people back to the homepage yet still obvious to anyone using the site.


One thought on “Blog 5: 100 Ages

  1. I really like the design of this site as well. I’m surprised I never heard about this project. Like you said the simplicity of the layout and design really makes the characters pop out. If I would take something away from this site it would be the video embedded in the picture. there is a lot of information presented without taking up a lot of space which I really enjoy. The different ways of navigation is also done well. I would like to learn to incorporate different/unique navigation on my future sites.


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