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The website that I like is I discovered the site from app store. I like the app very much because it is clean and easy to use. Basically you swipe from article to article and scroll up and down to read the article. The website is very easy to use as well, it is very simple and clean, it has a nice amount of visual elements that come with story. In addition, it tells you how long does each article takes you to read.

The intended audience is general audience on social media, and the contents are created by them and for them. The color scheme of the website is black, gray and white, it is very simple and non-distraction. The typography has a clean and smooth outline.

The pictures on the website are also interactive, so they are clickable and can lead you to more similar stories and give you more contexts and details about the article. You can also click on the author to go to their profile, so you can read more articles from the author.


2 thoughts on “Blog 5

  1. I was on medium the other day. I like the clean layout, as well. I think a simple white background is really the way to go with most sites. It allows the content to stand out. I see a lot of sites that don’t do much when it comes to the arrangement of the actual stories. It’s just a list. I think that’s ok. But at the least, I’d like to have the menu stick to the top as you scroll so it’s easier to navigate.


  2. I love the idea and indention of Medium. What a great way to share stories, super simple and straight forward no matter you are a reader looking for wide-variety of stories or a writer looking for exposure. Good attention to detail like showing how long it takes to reader a story next to author name.

    But I do want to mention some technical factor I found that may need some tweak. Medium is indeed more App focus rather than desktop focus, so you notice the container size is relatively narrow. All the texts on home page are not clear enough to me but a bit blurry compared to the main texts once you jumped into the story. And I do wish all the nav bar and menu bar to be a bit larger.

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