Blog 5: These Are Things

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 10.37.03 PM

I had no idea what site to talk about for this blog so I just googled “best designed websites” and came across this post on I went through all of them and this one was definitely my favorite! It’s so adorable!

The site is so user-friendly and definitely entertaining! Instead of just having a boring, basic website to give all of their info., these designers made little characters and scenes that change as you scroll. It starts out with a little welcome where the designers/illustrators introduce yourself (in the screenshot above).

When you scroll down, the characters follow and drop down into the the next scene, where it looks like they’re standing behind the desk at their shop. They also added arrows underneath each title, so if you don’t want to scroll, you click the up or down arrows and the characters will move and perfectly position themselves in the next scene. A navigation bar also stays on the right side of the page that does the same thing.

In the next scene, the characters drop down to their “work” space and even drop into suits like you would dress a paper doll. They then have a blog space, their story, and a contact us page. Each title is a clickable link that goes to whatever it talks about- their online shop, their blog, their online portfolio. A main navigation bar is up top that also connects to all of these things. The contact “scene” was also really cool- when you click on the title “Get in touch,” a little letter pops up where you can send an email. The words “email,” “Facebook,” and “Twitter” all connect to each thing as well.

How cute is this?

How cute is this?

There were also a lot of other little clickable things in the site, like the mailbox in the above scene. Overall, I just thought this was a very cute and creative way to give people your basic information and connect all of your sites.


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