Coldplay’s website

For this week’s blog, I focused on Coldplay’s (the band) website. The website provides a lot of information but does it without overwhelming the reader.


The current theme of the website is Ghost Stories, which is their upcoming album. To that end, the colour scheme of the website is ethereal with the blue, black and touches of white.

The header of the page remains consistent, as does the font style. The only page that is different is the oracle page.

Another thing the site does well is a small text box they have on the right hand side of the news page. It shows all the different tags on the stories, so you can search for whatever topic interests you.


The only page of the website that needs a little organising is the main archives page. The blogposts are titled with dates. The interviews are not grouped.


For all the information on the website, it is designed quite well. The navigation is simple. It is easy to find your way around. On a scale of one to 10, I would give the site an 8.


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