Consequence of Sound

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I feel like I have used way too much for these posts, so I’m going to use the Consequence of Sound site instead. Ha ha!

I really like the bold, sticky header that shows everything in regards to news, new music, films, music reviews, features, and staff lists. There is also the CoS logo in the top left corner, attached to the navigation bar, which is the “golden” spot and the first place a viewers eye goes to. This logo also takes you to the home page.

I want to utilize the drop down menus on my own site, too. I would have done it for our True/False site, but I didn’t think I used enough content to justify employing these drop down menus. I also like how there is a cluster of images on the left of the page linking to stories and how there is one photo more dominant than the others. I think this is a common practice in website design, but I think it is helpful to determine what is either the most popular, or recent, story. Hopefully I can get a grasp on CSS grids so that I can better use this method of grouping.

Overall, the site is super clean with a white background. Since designing the True/False page I’ve really come to appreciate using a white background and I think it does help draw attention to the actual content of the site.


2 thoughts on “Consequence of Sound

  1. I felt like in art classes it was always bad to leave white space. But this is not the case here. I agree, a white background makes it look cleaner and easier to read. It allows me to focus on what’s on the page without being overwhelmed.


  2. I like the idea of grouping images linked to stories together, with the popular story having a larger image. But if I had the skill, I would make just a little addition. If the most popular story is X, I would write the code in such a way that if a story Y were to get more hits than X, the images would automatically resize. I don’t know if this can be done, but if it can be, I would definitely want to learn that.


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