One Design Company-Clean and Consistent


I have been dreaming to work for this Chicago based private design company, One Design, for quite awhile. It’s getting harder to find such a design company that sticks with their design principle and keep it consistent on every single platform they involved. Here, for instance, is their website, consisting their work portfolio, company intro, staff and contact information for job openings. It’s undeniable that most design companies tend to have a decent looking website as the trend pushes them to go digital and treat their digital image as the most essential.  One Design makes things even better as they notices the importance of linking the website with company’s design language.  The whole site keeps the blue color head to toe and all the elements stay in a similar taste that is simple, visual-heavy and straight forward, even the team member info. All the navigation works perfectly.I always know where i am and what to do if I want to go to another desired place.  I just can not express how much i love the opening animation on landing page, not just because of its smoothness but the overall design which, unsurprisingly, still plays under One Design’s iconic style. It’s such a great move to include the company message into this animation.

I really want to learn the transition effect when hoover mouse onto the portfolio images.  I’m not sure about if this effect can only be achieved by java or not but definitely worth to learn. The 90 degree rotation on the MORE WORK button also looks neat and it seems CSS can make that happen.


One thought on “One Design Company-Clean and Consistent

  1. marykatemetivier says:

    Already when you’re on the home page, this site captivates you with the animation. I love the utilization of the infographics on each page that guide you through their approach, work, and other things on the nav bar. The white background is very creative, and the navigation bar is super clear and easy to use. I love on the “Our Work” page the way that when your mouse hovers on a photo,, how it turns a color, zooms in, and shows text. I think that’s something I would love to use.


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