the upshot

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I took a look at the Upshot, because I love their design. It’s so clean and organized looking. They really use white space well, dividing content with only a thin black line. The photos are borderless and they even give a small photo of the author which I like. It’s a very easy site to navigate.

The upshot works with a lot of data, and what I love about them is that they share their data sets and source code. They have a Github here: So if you want you can look through the code they used for their stories, or even run your own analysis on the original dataset.

If I was going to steal a piece of their website layout for my own, I would take their sticky navigation bar. It’s really nice looking, and it is responsive. Although I did notice it kind of breaks when your browser window is between 1250px and 1650px wide. It cuts off the login button. But still, it works very well.


One thought on “the upshot

  1. adamharris says:

    I also like the use of white space and how they divide content with a thin black line. I think it helps with the flow/combination of content, while at the same time separating stories. Doing away with a border on the photos also helps to take away from the “clunkiness” of each item. The small photo credit is also nice and simple.

    The fact that they provide access to their data and source code is pretty neat, too. How’s that for transparency.

    The sticky nav bar is pretty cool as well. Definitely something I would want to utilize in a site.


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