Visual browsing

The Morning Post has an interesting aspect that I think would be cool to involve in my future websites. It allows you to visually browse stories. This means when you click on it, you are able to look and choose stories based on thumbnails of the video of picture. It is a nice clean design with a black background and white writing but includes the blue in certain areas to match with their brand. Also, not all the stories are the same size. This not only gives visual appeal when looking at the page but allows the reader to understand the more important or possibly newer stories on their website. Finally, the large arrows at the top make it easy to navigate between pages. I thought this was an interesting concept that I hadn’t seen on any other website before and allows for the more visual readers a chance to gather news a way more tailored towards them. Visit the website:


One thought on “Visual browsing

  1. I agree that the website has a very clean and simple design. This simplicity makes it really easy to navigate, and just very user-friendly. I also really like the ability to visually browse the stories. The images draw the readers’ attention, and it looks like it would be simple enough to code using javascript. Nice pick!


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