Blog 6

Andrea Jankelow

One of my favorite News Sites is USA Today, because unlike a lot of other news sites, USA Today always seems  interactive and very visually appealing. Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 7.04.11 PM

When I landed on the site today, I instantly knew they were using javascript and jQuery because they had scroll bars at the side of their page that shifted from one topic to another. I went into their source code and confirmed this when I saw a script for javascript.

Their arrows to shift pages was a really cool way of navigating that I have yet to see on any other site. Moreover, they used CSS and Java to style a lot of their images. As you hover over them, they get brighter and some even bring a caption up. This is effective because it makes the story being scrolled over highlighted and grabs attention to read it.

They used CSS to slightly change the background color behind “top stories” and “most popular” when hovered over. This is similar to how many sites change the color of the navigation bar when a person hovers over it. This is another effective way to make a story stick out to a viewer from the screen.

Another JS feature was a sticky navigation bar that went down as you scrolled. This was a great feature, because news sites have so much content that it can be hard to weed through. Having the nav bar always there allows for people to quickly get where they want to go.

Overall, I thought that USA Today had a really well thought out interactive design that wasn’t over the top, but just enough.


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