BBC News uses JavaScript

Almost every news site I looked at uses JavaScript and jQuery. I never knew how important this aspect was. In fact, I generally took these tools for granted. When I first started designing I was frustrated because I didn’t know how to do them when they are so commonly used. Now that I know how it has become exciting and has improved my designs drastically.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 9.54.59 AM

BBC News is my example of a news site using JavaScript and jQuery. Just one example is a slideshow of videos towards the middle of the page. I noticed this aspect because I wanted to do something very similar for my True/False website. Unfortunately, we had not learned JavaScript and jQuery yet, so I was unable to do this. I am looking forward to adding this aspect and others like it into my next website. I think this is important to the readers because they have been trained to use aspects like this and like more options. This slideshow is a simple, clean and easy way to give them these options.


One thought on “BBC News uses JavaScript

  1. I agree, before this class I had no idea what javascript was and why it was important. Now, I know that it’s used on just about every website. BBC does a great job incorporating it on their website. Since a variety of audiences view BBC, the javascript is helpful in just showing where one can click, which it helpful for those you aren’t very internet savvy. Also, the slideshow is very nice clean and simple and goes well with the website’s overall clean and simple design. It works because there’s nothing that really distracts people from finding what news they want to read.


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