Blog 6!/GAME

I chose a car website because I googled best jquery websites and this was one of the ones included. It is as simple as when you are waiting for the site to load, you see a small image that fills in with color. I’m unsure of how complicated this is, but I bet fill will not be too difficult and that’s something I’m definitely interested in learning how to do.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 7.15.18 AM

I think the thing that is best about this site is that the jquery effects do not take away from the content. In fact it actually really accentuates the different good parts about the car, and things such as the sidebar map that helps you find things near to you. I think another thing I like about this site is the small effects such as going from one page to the next is a curtain that comes across as you click. When you click to find a Hyundai dealership near you, it has very small transitions that are not too flashy to deter from what you are trying to do, while still providing an almost professional look by doing more than the basic site would.


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