Blog Six: New York Times: A Nation Challenged


I found an older article from the New York Times published in 2002. It’s an interactive story about the fathers of lost fire fighters and officers in NYC one year after September 11th. The story is extremely intricate, thorough and gut-wrenching. Even more than that, the online piece is extremely interactive. We see the fathers and can learn more about them and their sons. It also takes us to a whole article about each father and his coping since the incident. There are also audio elements.

This story used a lot of interactive elements. The designers used CSS to design the page and add the color scheme. On the individual bio pages, we can clearly see that they had to use div’s and boxes to separate the information. There are also some jQuery effects present. They use some shadowing, fade-in, fade-out, audio plug-ins and even the next and previous buttons.

This all adds to the content of the story. It’s very enjoyable and engaging. The effects aren’t overbearing and they flow well with the site.


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