jQuery in TED.com

I am a big fan of TED talks. I used to be a lesser fan of the website. But, quite recently, the website got a “makeover.” It used to have a collage of stills from talks. The collage consisted of large to small pictures. If you hovered over the large pictures, you could see the title of the talk. However, you could not do that for the smaller pictures in the collage, which was a little annoying. With the makeover, now the collage has large and medium pictures, which means you can see the title of the talk. It is a great improvement, in my opinion.


With jQuery, the website has done two great things for its homepage, which makes all the difference in how user-friendly the website is. First, it increased the sizes of the images in the talk-collage (as seen in the picture above). Second, it made a slideshow of sorts of all the recent talks, which you can scroll through with the handy-dandy right arrow button you see.

It’s a simple use of jQuery, but it made all the difference in the world. It is much more clean and fun to use.


One thought on “jQuery in TED.com

  1. I like this site, too. I think it’s a pretty effective use of jQuery. I like how the boxes expand when you mouse over them. It’s conveying what the talk is about without the visitor having to click on anything. A part of good design is about making things easier for the visitor. I think this site does that well.


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