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I like the use of JavaScript used in Vice News. In my opinion, it is just barely enough to give you the sense of interactivity, without detracting from the content. Granted, a bit more interactivity wouldn’t take anything away from the content, but I’m in a minimalistic mood today, so I can appreciate it.

For starters, there is a nice big/bold sticky nav bar that follows you all the way down the page. When you scroll over each picture and corresponding headline, the picture fades a bit and the headline becomes orange.

In the features section there are much larger photos and, when you scroll over them, it shows the photo credit in the bottom right corner.

There is also a tab that reads “Read” or “Watch” in the top right of these photos that turns orange when you scroll over them.

Nothing too complicated or gripping, but I think it gets the job done.


One thought on “Vice News

  1. I like the fact that Vice made the top menu bar more important than any other sites’ I have ever seen. Notice this sticky menu bar contains almost the most viral and important on-going news. It uses its own logic to make it not overwhelming but easy to follow, WATCH, SECTIONS, REGIONS then FEATURED TOPICS, super straight forward. A lot white space on each side which is the design i like, centered all the stuff. I tried to resize my browser and it appears that VICE got very decent responsive design, making it good to read and follow under almost any browser size.


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