BLOG SIX- Si Digital’s JavaScript Magic

屏幕快照 2014-11-09 下午2.44.26

This JavaScript site is Si Digital‘s new-look portfolio and blog. This grabs the attention via its intriguing homepage animations, all done through JavaScript. We can see such technique easily guides the user through our services, with liquid moving through tubes activating an animation at each stage.

To achieve this effect they used jQuery .animate(), using its step() option to work out where the liquid was in the tube – and if it needed to activate any other animations on its journey. We know that viewers tend to find their own interest whenever they head on a site and engage. Everybody reads at different paces. Here, Si Digital tried to find the right balance for the liquid speed, which is not too slow but trackable. Not too much embed of JavaScript makes such great impact on the overall effect to a site. Finding the creative way to present is sometimes more important than the actual technical showcase.


One thought on “BLOG SIX- Si Digital’s JavaScript Magic

  1. marykatemetivier says:

    I think this site has excellent use of jQuery. Probably my favorite part about it is that the animation of the jQuery isn’t too much, it’s simple things like the fading highlight of the nav bar and keeping the nav bar at the top like we learned. I also like the bottom pink bar that comes up on the page.


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